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Nadine Timpanaro awarded Sales Rookie of the Year 2020

by Anne Belott

| May 4, 2021

Nadine Timpanaro of Coastal Point is MDDC’s Sales Rookie of the Year for 2020. This award honors honors a new sales executive with less than 18 months’ experience in the field. Nominees should show revenue generation, sales expertise and initiative and be recommended by their supervisor. 

The judges, MDDC Press Foundation Board members, recognized Nadine’s commitment to Coastal Point in a market devastated by the coronavirus pandemic, noting she has “great interactions with clients and steady development of revenue.”

Nadine’s nominating publisher, Coastal Point’s Susan Lyons, kept in touch with Nadine as she moved to the area during the pandemic, and requested sales materials to learn about the publication, while waiting until she could be hired.

Susan writes in her nomination letter, “[i]n June, she came on board, replacing a long-term employee that had retired.  She hit the ground running, taking over 150 accounts that she had not met and working on new accounts at a time when businesses did not want to speak to anyone.

New to the area, new to the businesses and the weekly newspaper business, [Nadine] has worked diligently with a positive attitude that is infectious. She is always smiling and meets the challenges that we have all faced with not being able to meet with clients in person and trying to establish relationships of a full sales territory.

There was no worse time to start a new rep in a territory that had been serviced by the same person for the last 12 years.  Nadine Timpanaro has worked non-stop to establish strong relationships with her customers while working the territory, bringing in new clients, working on special projects and starting a new life while not being able to visit her children during this time of COVID.”  Congratulations to Nadine!

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