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MDDC’s Dues Update For 2024

December 8, 2023

The MDDC Board has taken a big step forward in modernizing our dues structure and creating more long term stability for the Association.  At its last board meeting on November 30, the Board voted to change how dues are calculated.  We will be moving from a print circulation-based model to one that assesses members based on their total audience and number of content generators.  This will create a more equitable distribution of publications in our divisions for contests and dues.  Most significantly, we will eliminate the online-only division.

To calculate dues for 2024, we will need different information than you have reported in the past.  An email was sent to each publisher this past week asking for the needed information no later than December 15th.  Please also use this opportunity to update your member directory record.

Office staff will determine which division each publication falls within, based on a matrix approved by the Board.  In addition to changing the way dues are calculated, the actual dues structure has been changed for Divisions B through F, as shown below.  The Board chose to “smooth out” the dues division that occurred historically between the Daily and Non-Daily groups (the change from Division D to Division C) and create a more equitable distribution for dues.

Dues notices will be sent out over the last two weeks of December.  If you have questions about this change or would like to talk through the ramifications, please contact Rebecca or select a convenient time to meet on my calendar. Thanks for your support of the industry and our Association.  We are gearing up for busy sessions in all three of our legislative jurisdictions, and preparing for an amazing conference May 3rd in Annapolis.  The contest will open December 15th, and we cannot wait to see the outstanding accomplishments of our members.

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