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INMA Master Class: Methodologies To Launch and Innovate Products

December 2, 2021

December 16, 2021

INMA continues to build on our Product Initiative with a master class in December on Methodologies To Launch and Innovate Products: and A-Z on product development with some of the leading minds in the business.

This will be 7.5-hours of training over three modules from December 2-16.  

Designed for senior product executives at news media companies, this Master Class will dive deep into successful working models and structures for product development. Beginning with harnessing and prioritising ideas, setting and communicating ‘success’ metrics we will take a detailed look at the lifecycle of product creation, testing and innovation.

What are the best ways to find product/market fit? How can small experiments to test theses run before full blown development? How can you continue to measure and iterate products to ensure their success? And how do we measure and communicate that success internally? We’ll hear from seasoned product executives on strategies that have had proven success. This Master Class will be curated by INMA’s lead for its Product Initiative, Jodie Hopperton.