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CNN Managing Editor, Washington Beats


September 14, 2021

The Managing Editor for Washington Beats will drive coverage and sharpen our work across breaking news as well as analysis, features and enterprise, at a time when our audiences are hungrier than ever before for clear, compelling coverage of national politics as well as policy debates and decisions that touch readers’ daily lives. 

We are looking for a news hound who is driven to keep CNN Politics ahead of the competition and is also passionate about supporting our mission of focusing on audience needs for clear, concise coverage at a time of political turbulence and misinformation. The beats editor will oversee a team of digital beat editors and reporters who collaborate with hundreds of journalists across CNN’s platforms across digital, newsgathering and television.

This leader should embody the best of CNN’s DNA: Urgency. Essential, global “Go There” reporting. Facts backed by data. Journalism that holds power to account. Stories that connect dots and explain consequences. Creative thinking about how to best serve audiences.

The Daily

You will be responsible for overseeing a team of five beat editors as well as interfacing with colleagues on our National, Climate and Race teams to drive our daily coverage. The Managing Editor for Washington will report to the Executive Editor for Politics, working together with our Managing Editor for Elections and Franchises as well as our breaking news desk to chart a strategic, audience-focused vision that brings the full power of CNN’s journalism to the issues that will define American identity for generations to come.

The preferred candidate is focused on educating readers, is exceptionally well-organized and is dedicated to fostering collaboration. Testing innovative approaches to connecting with readers and collaborating with units beyond CNN Politics will be welcomed and encouraged.

What are the essential elements of the role?

  • Execution: The ability to steer with urgency and follow-through, pushing or pausing where appropriate. Our commitment to clear and accurate storytelling is our top priority.
  • Audience focus: Relentlessly prioritize our audiences by using analytics tools and partnerships across teams to anticipate needs and build relationships as we move toward a direct-to-consumer future.
  • Passion for Storytelling: A love for lifting and shaping stories, and for leading others who share that passion. A commitment to every aspect of content creation from conception to distribution across platforms.
  • Talent Development and Diversity: Attract, engage, and develop talent. Continue building a diverse, high-performing, and inclusive culture within the Politics team and through partnerships with other leaders.
  • Innovation: An enthusiasm for testing and learning. A creative exploration of new ways of working and sharing stories in all forms, from newsletters and podcasts to new products.

The Essentials

  • 10+ years of editorial experience 
  • Outstanding editorial judgment
  • Comfort shaping an overall vision while executing on daily demands to stay sharp and fast on the news
  • Strength in partnering across teams
  • Top-notch editing skills, along with a talent for coaching to better story framing and storytelling
  • Deft at driving content into new mediums, including newsletters, podcasts, and products
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