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Are you cross-channel marketing? If not, you should.

Kevin Berrier

| MDDC Advertising Services

September 28, 2021

Marketing is all about the ROAS (return on ad-spend), right? 


It’s about the customer.  If you provide your customers with a consistent experience on any marketing channel, you’re moving in the right direction.  But the reality is that this isn’t happening, and it’s costing businesses revenue opportunity.


Basically, cross-channel marketing (CCM) is the strategy of deploying a holistic marketing strategy on multiple marketing channels that provides your customer a consistent experience no matter where they’re looking.  

This is different from “Multi-Channel Marketing”, which is marketing on as many channels as possible to gain the largest reach.  CCM incorporates the strategy customer experience, which requires the different marketing channels to be married together in some way to provide one cohesive marketing strategy.

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