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Send ISWNE your best editorial

The International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors (ISWNE) is accepting entries for the 57th annual Golden Quill editorial writing contest.

All newspapers of less than daily frequency (published fewer than five days per week) are qualified to enter. Entries must have been published between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2016. ... More

How to handle unspoken objections

By John Foust, Raleigh, NC
Brandon is an advertising manager who wants his team to be prepared for all sales situations. “We spend a lot of time on sales strategy,” he said, “because that helps us cut down on unexpected surprises. To use a baseball comparison, we want to be able to hit the curveball.

“As any sales person will tell you, the most common curveball is an objection,” Brandon explained. “Most prospects have some kind of objection, even if they don’t say it out loud. ... More

Breaking heroin: MDDC partners with Maryland public television

Posted December 2, 2016
Heroin’s grip in the region has tightened, and MDDC member organizations will respond with ongoing news coverage about the cycle of addiction in their local communities. This coverage supports the effort of Maryland Public Television, which will broadcast and widely distribute a special documentary, Breaking Heroin’s Grip: Road to Recovery, at 7 pm on February 11, 2017. ... More

Transparency in Maryland: Where are we?

Posted December 2, 2016
Transparency in government actions is critical to trust in government and the key to engaged citizens. What are the issues facing transparency in Maryland today? What can be done to improve the culture? The Press Association hosts the Transparency Symposium, Tuesday, December 13 at 4 pm at the Baltimore Sun to bring together a panel of experts from press, academia and government to discuss this issue. ... More

Editorial Contest is open

Posted December 2, 2016
Pull your best work from 2016 and get ready to enter the MDDC Editorial Contest! Forty-eight categories and three special awards make this contest a showcase of the best reporting, design and interactive work in the region. ... More

Survey shines spotlight on the under-studied world of local journalism

posted November 18, 2016
The Tow Center for Digital Journalism, a program of the Columbia Journalism School, is conducting a survey to examine the health of the local newspaper industry. Share your experiences ... More
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